Unique Baby Gift

Are you searching for something that stands out from the pile of factory-made items given at shower after shower?

Sheep Dreamzzz is a non-profit that has trained a small group of women in a very poor country to knit baby blankets so they can feed their families. All of our "profits" go to our knitters. We have excellent quality, 100% 5-star reviews, and no factories or machines.

Handmade Baby Blankets

Our blankets and loveys are hand-knitted by women working on our small farm in Central America's poorest country. The only time a machine is used is when we attach our labels or turn a knitted square into a lovey with a satin border.

Aura knitting a great baby shower gift - a Sheep Dreamzzz baby blanket
Look at any other blanket sold online and in stores (including the fancy expensive brands) and you'll find they are little more than a piece of fabric cut from a roll with a border sewn onto it. Fast and cheap factory work.

Superb Quality

The women who knit with Sheep Dreamzzz have become highly skilled artisans, finishing a beautiful handmade blanket every 7-10 days. The quality is excellent, as many have pointed out in our reviews.
Little girl snuggling with a raspberry coulis blanket, an example of great baby shower gifts from Sheep Dreamzzz

Each blanket arrives packaged for giving with a card showing who made it and telling a little about them.

Helping Others

The women who knit Sheep Dreamzzz blankets come to the gate of our farm in a small rural town 5 days a week.

The ladies show up at our front gate 10 minutes before 8:00AM every weekday
Each is the head of her household and depends on her earnings from Sheep Dreamzzz to feed her family. All proceeds from sales go to the women who knit or pay for blanket materials. None of the "profits" go to anyone else!   meet our knitters

Bottom Line

If you need baby shower gift ideas, look no farther than Sheep Dreamzzz. Our blankets are handmade in a work environment you can feel good about. They are great baby shower gifts. The quality is excellent, and every purchase helps a family in great need to survive within an economic and healthcare situation that most of us cannot even imagine.

So here's your chance to break the mold of baby paraphernalia machine-made in far-away factories and give something unique that actually makes a difference in this world.

Afraid you won't choose the right color blanket? Give a Sheep Dreamzzz Gift Card instead!